Talyst Long-Term Care Division Announces InSite System(R) 3.0

KIRKLAND, Wash., Oct. 2, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Talyst Long-Term Care Division, a leader in automated medication management for Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Facilities, announces its next generation InSite System® 3.0 in-facility medication management, packaging and delivery system. InSite System 3.0 adds process-specific tools for communications, collaboration and accountability among long-term care facilities, pharmacies and the Talyst support team that refine workflows and deliver better outcomes in patient care and long-term care facility management. The InSite System 3.0 will preview at the American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL) Annual Convention and Expo in San Antonio, Texas from October 4-7 in booth #347.

"The InSite System 3.0 design is a direct result of feedback from nurses, administrators and executives who operate Skilled Nursing Facilities, and from Talyst Certified Pharmacy Partners (TCIPs) nationwide who serve them. Since 2008, we've jointly reviewed tens-of-millions of patient doses that were packaged and delivered during millions of hours of InSite System in-facility operations to find additional ways in-facility medication management, packaging, delivery and administration could evolve to better address total medication workflow issues," said George Kondrach, General Manager and Vice President of Talyst Long-Term Care Division. "What we developed with InSite System 3.0 delivers the medication workflow solution our industry wants and needs."

InSite System 3.0 delivers the first and most comprehensive solution to improve workflows, working conditions and the quality of work for medication management by adding a collection of ancillary capabilities to its already-proven InSite Medication Server. The collection includes five categories of enhancements, provisioned via securely hosted or private cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) components:

  • Task Management,
  • Performance Support (ad hoc and formal learning systems),
  • Communication and Interaction Support,
  • Decision Support
  • Status and Uptime Monitoring System

The new services retain full use histories and performance metrics, and operate on authorized devices for credentialed users.

Task Management System lists, monitors and tracks the activities that are routinely performed by pharmacy and facility staff managed in one place, making it easier to respond quickly. Performing on a timely basis results in accurate and precise medication management, packaging and administration outcomes. Performing badly or late may result in medication errors or frustration. The InSite System 3.0 adds the job aids that provide support for communication, collaboration and accountability of HIPAA-secure chat and video-conferencing to its foundation task-management system.

Performance Support System delivers learning assets, resources and modes, which can be employed at any time by any authorized facility person, to ensure and improve outcomes based on personal job performance. The two modes of delivery are an ad hoc "How Do I Do ...?" resource and a comprehensive Learning Management System, each perfectly suited to medication management and administration using The InSite System.
Decision Support System delivers data and information that is intelligently filtered and presented to Long-Term Care nurses, administrators and executives, and to their pharmacy, to enhance their decision-making in all facets of medication management and administration, pharmacy services management and InSite System operation.

Status and Uptime Monitoring System – The InSite System fleet now operates more than 1.2 million hours per year, with excellent reliability and uptime. Occasionally there are short downtimes that could have been avoided in advance of a facility or pharmacy having experienced them. The inclusion of embedded sensors in hardware and software that provide real-time quality monitoring and reporting allow for some issues to be solved before they are experienced or even observed by InSite System operators.


The InSite System 3.0 provides extraordinary immediate benefits, including:

  • Nurses gain immediate accuracy, speed, pharmacy service accountability and relief from day-to-day anxiety as they oversee medication management, packaging, preparation, and administration
  • Administrators gain consistent automated workflows which liberates the greatest amounts of valuable nurse and professional caregiver time which can be reassigned for resident care
  • Nurses, administrators, and executives gain immediate access to useful data – to evaluate and make better decisions which affect outcomes, daily, weekly, and annually, within one facility and among all facilities
  • Residents and families gain confidence, reassurance, and faith in the facility that its decision-makers have chosen to use the most accountable, accurate, precise, and consistent medication-handling methods possible
  • Payers gain the immediate savings that result from real-time and just-in-time dose dispensing.
  • The Public gains reassurance that powerful medications are contstantly counted, tracked, and controlled, and do not leak into the community for abuse

About Talyst Long-Term Care Division

Talyst Long-Term Care Division, located in Richardson, Texas, is a leader in automated medication management, enhanced workflow efficiencies and improved patient safety for long-term care facilities and a network of Talyst Certified InSite Pharmacies (TCIPs). Talyst has installed automated solutions in more than 700 long-term care facilities, acute-care hospitals, healthcare systems and correctional institutions. Find out more about Talyst at www.talyst.com. View our video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0f_WxJZTTbU

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