Scottrade data breach affects up to 4M customers

Source: Scottrade

A breach of discount brokerage firm Scottrade has potentially compromised sensitive data of millions of customers.

Federal and internal investigations did not determine exactly how many clients had data stolen, so Scottrade plans to notify and offer identity protection services to about 4.6 million clients whose information was in a breached database, the company confirmed Friday. The incident took place around late 2013 and early 2014.

The affected database contains Social Security numbers and email addresses of clients, but hackers appeared to target names and addresses.

In a notice on its website, Scottrade stressed it had "no reason to believe" that its trading platforms or client funds were affected. The company said it has taken "appropriate steps" to boost its network security after the incident.

"We take the security of the information entrusted to us very seriously and are fully cooperating with law enforcement in its investigation and efforts to bring the perpetrators to justice," Scottrade said.

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