DiSabatino Chiropractic and Rehab, Inc. Announces Advanced Treatment for Pinched Nerves

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 4, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A combination of chiropractic adjustments and physiotherapy will deliver the best results for pinched nerve pain relief, says Mission Valley, San Diego, chiropractor Dr. Nicholas DiSabatino. The chiropractor, who has been developing this blended treatment technique for 15 years, says that an integrated approach to care produces better patient outcomes than chiropractic adjustments alone do. The blended treatment is designed to reduce spinal joint fixation and improve range of motion for natural pain management. Pinched nerve treatment improves the free-flow of communication between the brain and body along nerve pathways for enhanced whole body health, says Dr. DiSabatino.

After 15 years of intense patient-centered treatment in San Diego, chiropractor Dr. Nicholas DiSabatino announced that he has developed an advanced treatment protocol for relieving pinched nerve pain. Dr. DiSabatino's technique is a blend of specific chiropractic adjustments with physiotherapy modalities. Dr. DiSabatino says that the application of dynamic physiotherapy modalities plays an integral role in a successful treatment outcome. Physiotherapy reestablishes properly functioning muscle-skeletal tissue surrounding the pinched nerve.

"Previously, most treatments focused primarily on chiropractic adjustments," said Dr. DiSabatino. "While chiropractic adjustments are essential to freeing misaligned spinal segments, this care is just the first step. The addition of physiotherapy can truly make a tremendous difference on a patient's quality of life. Once we adjust the area of dysfunction and direct our therapy intervention towards the release of tension to the affected muscles and ligaments, the patient will rapidly experience relief and improved range of motion."

A typical first visit includes a focused evaluation to determine the underlying cause of nerve pain and dysfunction. This includes a full medical history review, range of motion and muscle tests, and orthopedic tests.

"Every treatment plan is fully customized to meet a patient's unique health needs," said Dr. DiSabatino. "Furthermore, our treatment plans are not limited to a clinical setting. We teach patients at-home stretching and strengthening techniques so they are less reliant on seeing doctors. Many nerve issues will have associated muscular and ligamentous weaknesses that, once addressed, can improve the body's overall stability. A properly directed home program will reinforce what we accomplished in our clinic."

Adrian Calderon, a patient of Dr. DiSabatino's, reports that he had neck pain and migraines for several months prior to being treated by Dr. DiSabatino. Since the neck pain radiated to his hand, Mr. Calderon says that he was misdiagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome by a local pain management clinic. After several treatments with Dr. DiSabatino, the neck pain and nerve pain in Mr. Calderon's arm and wrist were largely gone. "I am so thankful," Mr. Calderon says. "I was not able to get answers anywhere else."

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