TV White Space Partnership Wins P3 Impact Award

PASADENA, Calif., Oct. 5, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tetra Tech, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTEK) is pleased to announce that the TV White Space Partnership (TVWS), implemented under the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Ecosystems Improved for Sustainable Fisheries (ECOFISH) project in the Philippines, has been awarded the P3 Impact Award. Tetra Tech is the prime contractor implementing the ECOFISH project on behalf of USAID.

The P3 Impact Award recognizes the leading public-private partnerships (PPPs) that are improving local communities and the world in the most impactful ways. This award is conferred by the U.S. State Department's Office of Global Partnerships, Concordia, and the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business. The TVWS Partnership was announced the winner of the P3 Impact Award on October 2 at the Concordia Summit in New York City.

Concordia is an organization that seeks to identify new avenues of collaboration for governments, businesses, and nonprofits through issue-based campaigns, year-round programming, and a Partnership Index, which ranks countries based on their readiness and need to engage in PPPs. The organization promotes effective public-private collaboration to create a more prosperous and sustainable future, and recognizes that PPPs are a fundamental tool to address many societal challenges.

The TVWS Partnership is a unique collaboration between USAID and the ECOFISH project team of Tetra Tech and SSG Advisors, the Government of the Philippines, and Microsoft to improve the lives of fisher folk and the management of coastal fisheries in the Philippines. Tetra Tech and SSG Advisors, a woman-owned small business, have entered into a Mentor Protégé agreement under USAID's Mentor-Protégé Program.

Nigel Armada, Tetra Tech's director on ECOFISH, said "We are honored to have been awarded the P3 Impact Award, but even more pleased that we were able to participate in a very crucial project bringing much needed internet to such a vast, remote area in the Philippines."

The partnership deploys Microsoft's TVWS technology, tapping into unused TV frequencies to send out free internet signals to more than 200,000 individuals located in otherwise isolated locations, and covers areas much greater than traditional Wi-Fi and cellular technology can span. TVWS technologies were also was instrumental in the aftermath of two natural disasters that struck the Philippines in 2013.

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