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Morgan Stanley’s Fleming: Fed will hike this year

One of Morgan Stanley's top executives believes the U.S. Federal Reserve will hike interest rates in 2015. 

Morgan Stanley's wealth management President Greg Fleming told "Halftime Report" the economy is in a good position here. 

Greg Fleming: US economy on good trajectory

"If the Fed focuses on the U.S. economy and what's happening here, they will move before the end of this year," Fleming said. 

Economic bright spots outshine recent weak data, according to Fleming.

"While the jobs report was disappointing on Friday, you've had 200,000 jobs a month for several years now," Fleming pointed out. "The U.S. continues to lead in so many different industries."

Despite volatility, Fleming believes the stock market is doing well and advises investors to remain calm, he added. 

Morgan Stanley's assets under management top $2 trillion, according to research. 

"There is going to be turbulence in a bull market," he said. "Stay steady and stick to a medium-term plan." 

Long-term, Fleming is bullish globally. "The next 10 or 20 years in this country and around the world are going to be very good." 

By CNBC Producer Bree Kelly. Follow her on Twitter @Bree_Kelly