Producing 'Steve Jobs' was 'crucial': Danny Boyle


Four years after Steve Jobs' death, English film director Danny Boyle is exploring the life of the late Apple co-founder and CEO in his latest venture.

'Steve Jobs' backstage: Danny Boyle

Boyle told CNBC's "Squawk Box" Monday that "Steve Jobs" portrays the binary character of the late Apple co-founder and CEO — both brilliant and aggressive.

"You do see the extremes of his behavior," Boyle said. "Of course, there's many people totally devoted to him and can see no wrong in the way that he behaved and the way he built his work, and there are others who thought there were too many sacrifices along the way."

Jobs' family objected to the making of the film and current Apple CEO Tim Cook called the film "opportunistic." Despite the opposition, Boyle said it was "crucial" to make a film about Jobs, one of many visionaries who have changed the world in the past three to four decades.

"The world has turned around on its axis," Boyle said. "That kind of change in that kind of time, means that the people who've ignited that, we need to make more films about them ... we need to understand them."

Steve Jobs at Macworld in 2004.
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Boyle added, "[Innovators like Jobs] come out of us, they express our visions, our dreams and our fear sometimes, as well ... they're more powerful than countries now, and they need to be answerable to us at all levels, and it's important that artists do that, I think."

"Steve Jobs" is set to release in theaters Oct. 9.