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Silicon Valley unparalleled hotbed for start-ups: VC exec

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The Pulse @ 1 Market: Mike Jones

Los Angeles start-ups have been landing more venture capital investments in recent years, but San Francisco is an unparalleled hotbed for tech start-ups, according to one venture capitalist — who's based in LA.

That VC is Mike Jones, investor in Dollar Shave Club, former MySpace chief executive and current CEO of Science, a firm that backs Los Angeles-based start-ups with money and management.

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"I first and foremost realize that the majority of technology investing, the dollars in the companies are based in Silicon Valley. LA is a wonderful market and I loved building companies there and I'd been there for a long time and I have an incredible network there, but I don't ever look at it as a parallel to Silicon Valley," Jones told CNBC in an interview in San Francisco.

"I look at us as a great market that Silicon Valley spends time in and we're able to procure investment from them to help grow those companies down in LA," Jones said.

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Jones doesn't doubt the growth of LA as a hub for VC funding, however.

"Certainly in Los Angeles, the availability of venture capital is way greater than it's ever been," Jones said.

Overall, many start-up investors believe in LA as a hub for such firms. That city ranks fourth for investor confidence levels, after Silicon Valley, New York and Boston, according to the National Venture Capital Association's 2015 Global Venture Capital Confidence Survey released last month.

In the first half of this year, VC firms invested $3.2 billion in Los Angeles start-ups, according to a report released by that association and research firm Deloitte. San Francisco start-ups received $15.2 billion in funding.