MGN Online Announces BuildMyOwn Maps Version 2.0 with Bing Maps

CARDIFF BY THE SEA, Calif., Oct. 6, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MGN Online, America's #1 resource for Still and Animated News Graphics, launches BuildMyOwn (BMO) Maps V2.0, a Premium Quality Maps Builder for the news industry. Anyone in your News Department can now create Professional, High Quality Maps… in just 4 simple steps.

BuildMyOwn Maps V2.0 is designed for anyone in your news staff to quickly and efficiently produce Maps that illustrate events such as a traffic detour or car accident, the location of a crime, house fires and other news stories that are best highlighted with a geographical map. News Directors and Graphic Designers alike can use BuildMyOwn Maps to meet deadlines, improve workflow and productivity.

"Our BuildMyOwn Apps have been acted as a great tool for our affiliates to create quality images. We are excited about our new V2.0 release of both our Graphics and now our Maps Builder. We are sure that everyone will appreciate all of the thought and hard work we put into our BMO applications", explained MGN Online CEO, Gill Davis.

This new version of BuildMyOwn (BMO) Maps V2.0 offers many new features. MGN selected Bing Maps as their new base map resource. Bing Maps provides a wide range of options that improve the BMO Maps results. MGN Online is pleased to partner with Bing Maps for any even better user experience with excellent visualization features for roads and streets and easy navigation.

BuildMyOwn Maps V2.0 provides an easy-to-use 4 step simple to create custom maps. BMO Maps was designed for anyone to use, eliminating the need for complicated Graphic Design software. First select a location on the map, highlight a region of interest, select appropriate icons from the MGN archive, title your map and export the finished product.

About MGN Online

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