Vera(TM) Premium Dog Treats Bring Doggie Deli to Petco

EAGLE, Idaho, Oct. 6, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vera Premium Treats, a new and delicious line of dog treats, can now be found exclusively in Petco stores nationwide.

Nothing quite compares to the timeless tradition and flavor of a local deli. Vera Premium Treats brings this experience to the ones we love the most – our pets. Even the packaging is reminiscent of white butcher paper, hand-wrapped with twine and stickered for freshness.

Each Vera treat is made with 95% real chicken or meat and is free of ingredients that may be of concern to pet owners and dogs – including artificial flavors, animal by-products, fillers, wheat and corn. Not to mention, these treats are comprised of grass fed beef products and are antibiotic, GMO, and hormone free.

"As pet parents, we are constantly faced with choices," said Adam Fellers, Sr. Vice President of True Science, maker of Vera treats. "Vera understands that what we feed our pet matters and that's why we have created the highest standard of dog treats, along with delivering an affordable price to pets and pet parents."

Vera Premium Treats come in variety of delicious flavors including chicken, beef, and duck fillets, sausage and hamburger patty. Vera also offers treats with health benefits to promote a dog's skin, coat, or joints.

Vera Premium Treats are offered in 12 oz. and 22 oz. bags with retail prices starting at $12.99.

"Finding a healthy and delicious treat that your pet will love is important to us," said Jeremy Fibiger, Merchandise Director - Dog Treats, Chews & Rawhide, at Petco. "Petco is proud to carry the new line of Vera Premium Treats, a quality dog treat with wholesome ingredients at a price that is affordable to pet parents."

Vera is all about bringing the deli experience to dogs. Untie a pack of Vera Premium Treats today and reward your pet with the flavor experience of a lifetime.

About Vera

Vera is founded in a love of our pets and commitment to provide quality treats. The brand is now exclusively available at Petco and For more information, please visit:

CONTACT: Amy Gregory True Science 208-939-8900 Ext. 333

Source: Vera Premium Treats