yieldWerx(TM) Enterprise Platform Selected by QuickLogic to Streamline Test and Yield Management

ANAHEIM, Calif. and DALLAS, Oct. 06, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- International Test Conference Booth #422 -- yieldWerx, a leading provider of yield management semiconductor solutions, has deployed yieldWerx Enterprise at QuickLogic to streamline test and yield management processes, enhancing quality, improving engineering productivity, decreasing test cost and reducing time to market.

yieldWerx Enterprise’s real-time data cleansing, mapping and lot genealogy capabilities allow QuickLogic to focus on device characterization and root cause analysis. This real-time capability makes QuickLogic staff more efficient in finding systematic operational issues that impact yield and quality – leading to faster production ramps, greater manufacturing yields, and lower manufacturing costs.

After deploying yieldWerx Enterprise, QuickLogic engineers prepare technical reports that are shared with their wafer fabs and test houses to speed decision-making. Using the unique tools included in the product, QuickLogic can characterize products in 30 minutes or less and share dashboards and reports to streamline multi-company decision-making.

“As we develop new products, we must accurately characterize and correct any issues with the product’s yield and performance before introducing it to the market. yieldWerx Enterprise enables us to do this with a small number of wafers, and with high accuracy, which saves both time and cost. yieldWerx Enterprise is now a core element of our test operations and we rely on its analysis,” said Rajiv Jain, VP WW Operations and IT at QuickLogic.

“We are pleased to provide QuickLogic with a comprehensive yield management solution, giving them global insight to their supply chain, and allowing them to make quick decisions, improve yield, reduce cost and shorten time to market. We look forward to a long-term relationship with QuickLogic,” added Omar Malik, CEO of yieldWerx.

About yieldWerx

yieldWerx provides the semiconductor industry with enterprise wide test and engineering data management solutions that increase yield, and reduce time to market. yieldWerx enables Product and Test Engineers to gain better visibility of their test data, which is essential for intelligent decision-making, directly impacting yield and profitability. yieldWerx Enterprise has hundreds of users at semiconductor companies across the world to improve productivity, reduce defects, and improve device yields. The company is based in Dallas, Texas, and maintains sales and support operations worldwide. For more information, visit www.yieldwerx.com

About QuickLogic

QuickLogic Corporation (NASDAQ:QUIK) is the leading provider of ultra-low power, customizable sensor processing platforms, Display, and Connectivity semiconductor solutions for smartphone, tablet, wearable, and mobile enterprise OEMs. Called Customer Specific Standard Products (CSSPs), these programmable 'silicon plus software' solutions enable our customers to bring hardware-differentiated products to market quickly and cost effectively. For more information, visit www.quicklogic.com

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