Great Scott! $20 for a Pepsi?

Source: PepsiCo

There's a fizzy new product after the heart of Generation X movie buffs everywhere—for the not-so-sweet price of $20.15 a bottle, snack and beverage goliath PepsiCo announced Tuesday.

"Pepsi Perfect" is an homage to 80's flick "Back to the Future," which is set in the fictional world of Oct. 21, 2015. In honor of the upcoming real-life date, PepsiCo will release 16.9-ounce bottles designed after the soda protagonist Marty McFly orders in the second installment of the movie franchise, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Inside the bottle: Just regular Pepsi with real sugar.

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Though only 6,500 of the bottles will be released, mega-fans headed to New York Comic Con Thursday can win a bottle in a series of contests inspired by the film, including a Marty McFly costume competition.

The Pepsi Perfect announcement came as the company, also behind Quaker and Frito-Lay, beat analysts' earnings estimates, despite declining revenues for the company overall, the company said Tuesday.

Shares of Pepsi bumped up 1.5 percent Tuesday afternoon, while shares of competitor Coca-Cola were near flat. Coke also made a recent play at nostalgia, announcing plans to revive citrus soda Surge.

For more on Pepsi Perfect, read this report from the Los Angeles Times.

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