Office Envy: Inside Splash's New York City headquarters

Office Envy: Splash lacks cubes, boasts a DJ and a barber

Ping pong tables and scooters are not uncommon sights at tech startups, but New York City-based Splash is taking it to the next level. The company has a barber show up to give monthly haircuts (for both guys and girls), and once a week, brings in a DJ to pump up the energy at its office.

It makes perfect sense for a company with the credo, "experience is everything." Splash is an event-planning website co-founded by Ben Hindman and Brett Boskoff and allows users to manage the entire life cycle of an event.

The service offers online invitations, contact management and even the option to sell tickets and post photos.

A team of employees at “Splash” working in their New York City office.
Source: Splash

The unconventional perks make it a unique sight to anyone visiting for the first time. "We find that having a barber come in not only helps people look really fresh, but feel really good about themselves," Ben Hindman, its CEO told CNBC.

The office was designed with collaboration in mind, which is why no employees have a private office and the walls even have holes in them cut in the shapes of triangles.

"We wanted our departments to be able to speak and talk to each other and have no boundaries in between that," Hindman told CNBC.

It even includes on a hole on the floor for it's office dog, Max. Although, most employees call him something else as he's known around the office as the chief hospitality, entertainment and wellness office, or "CHEW" for short.

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