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And the $310 million Powerball winner is...


Julie Leech of Three Rivers, Michigan was introduced by lottery officials as the lucky winner of last week's $310.5 million Powerball game.

Julie Leach
Source: NBC News

According to KJRH, an NBC affiliate in Tusla, Oklahoma, Leech said she did not sleep for 30 hours after discovering she had the winning ticket in a local McDonald's drive thru.

"We're simple people, we don't know how to deal with money," 50-year-old Leech told KJRH.

Upon learning of her winnings, Leech told KJRH she quit her job working the third shift at a fiberglass company "automatically."

Leech bought the ticket at the Three Rivers West Shell station in the southwestern Michigan community of Three Rivers, which sold the only winning ticket for last Wednesday night's drawing.

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The jackpot can be paid over 30 years, or the winner can choose a lump sum of about $197 million before taxes.

The gas station is 30 miles south of Kalamazoo.

—The Associated Press contributed to this report.