Diet Doc Acknowledges and Supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month by Providing Customized Diet Plans that Burn Excess Fat Leading to a Reduced Breast Cancer Risk While Leaving Patients Looking and Feeling Better than Ever Before

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 7, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Over 33,000 American women will receive the devastating breast cancer diagnosis this year. And, while there are some risk factors that are out of their control, such as age and family history, there is one risk factor that can be controlled – carrying excess fat. With this in mind, Diet Doc developed diet plans that include natural hormone treatments that target and attack stored fat that is comfortably and dangerously resting in the hard to reach areas – the belly, hips, thighs, underarms and buttocks – helping their client lose dangerous excess fat, look and feel better than ever before and reduce their weight-related breast cancer risk.

Being overweight has not been proven to cause breast cancer, however, it is thought that carrying excess body fat increases estrogen production and low grade inflammation in women, both directly linked to an increased breast cancer risk. At Diet Doc, their highly trained staff of doctors, nurses and nutritionists focus on helping women across the country restore their health, their figure and reduce their breast cancer risk by losing this excess fat safely, comfortably and quickly. By teaching women how to incorporate foods that generate weight loss and better health, bad habits can be broken and women, nationwide can look better, feel better and reduce their risk for a host of weight-related diseases, including breast cancer.

Although it may not be spoken of in daily conversation, breast cancer is a very real risk. Although scientists, researchers and pharmaceutical companies strive to find a true cure, this cure may come too late for thousands of women. For this reason, it is important to take care of the body and to eliminate the risk factors that are associated with a breast cancer diagnosis. Diet Doc helps women learn to make changes in their habits that may be increasing their risk. They teach their patients how to begin incorporating nutrient rich foods into their daily diet that nourish and cleanse the body to keep it operating optimally. They walk hand in hand throughout each woman's journey to lose excess fat and offer after care treatment plans to ensure that the weight never returns.

New patients can simply call 888-934-4451 or visit to complete a health questionnaire and schedule a personal, online consultation with a Diet Doc doctor. During the consult, the doctor will review and access the entire system to uncover cellular toxicity, hormonal imbalances or improperly functioning organs that may be challenging the ability to lose unhealthy excess fat.

Next, patients are paired with certified nutritionists, who are trained in the science of healthy and fast weight loss, to work closely to develop diet plans that include green leafy, nutrient rich vegetables and lean proteins that leave patients feeling full and satisfied. They focus on crafting meal plans that will motivate and invigorate their patients by designing around each patient's food likes and dislikes, age, gender, activity level, medical conditions and nutritional needs.

Diet Doc has become a nationally recognized, trusted leader in the medical weight loss industry. They understand the challenges of losing dangerous and embarrassing excess fat. They acknowledge that carbohydrate withdrawal symptoms can include powerful food cravings, hunger, headaches and fatigue. They help their patients overcome and even avoid these symptoms by incorporating their pure, prescription hormone diet treatments, exclusive diet pills, appetite suppressants, fat blockers and powerful fat burners. Their prescription diet aids work flawlessly with the customized diet plans by signaling the brain to seek out excess fat, releasing it from the cells to be forced into the bloodstream, burned and quickly flushed from the system without harmful or untoward side effects. In fact, over 97% of Diet Doc's patients report the very noticeable loss of pounds and inches within days and over 25,000 patients report losing 20 or more pounds per month, looking and feeling better – all while reducing their breast cancer risk.

Please call today to learn more about the effects of excess fat and its relationship to breast cancer. All consultations are confidential and free.

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