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Nanophase Receives Patent for Particle Coating Technology

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ROMEOVILLE, Ill., Oct. 7, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nanophase Technologies Corporation  (OTCQB:NANX) announced today that it has been granted U.S. patent 9,139,737 for its C3 metal oxide surface treatment technology. Patents in other countries are pending.

The company's new, versatile coating platform provides several benefits for the manufacture of personal care products such as sunscreens and other skin care and color cosmetic products. These benefits include:

  • alumina-free photostability for TiO2and ZnO for enhanced compatibility with other sunscreen actives
  • improved dispersibility in nonpolar fluids for more aesthetically pleasing natural sunscreens
  • reduction of exposure to UV induced free radicals

C3 technology makes it easier to achieve novel functionality of products while avoiding undesired qualities. For example, sunscreens can incorporate water resistance without the addition of ingredients that make the product sticky or tacky. Greater dispersibility means a more appealing appearance after sunscreen use, even with larger particles. Improved UV performance when combined with the prevention of UV induced free radicals, helps improve skin protection while enhancing product stability. C3 technology also improves the feel of skin care products containing sunscreens, making them luxurious and silky rather than greasy or heavy.

Nanophase is confident that the advantages of C3 technology will extend beyond the personal care market.

  "While many of the initial benefits from this technology are being applied to sunscreen actives, the breadth of the C3 surface treatments will enable improved photostability and dispersibility to different metal oxides, effects pigments, and traditional pigments both in personal care and industrial applications," said Dr. Harry Sarkas, Nanophase vice president of R&D and an inventor of the technology.

About Nanophase Technologies

Nanophase Technologies Corporation (NANX),, is a leader in nanomaterials technologies and provides nanoengineered solutions for multiple industrial product applications. Using a platform of patented and proprietary integrated nanomaterial technologies, the Company creates products with unique performance attributes from two ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001 facilities. Nanophase delivers commercial quantity and quality nanoparticles, coated nanoparticles, and nanoparticle dispersions in a variety of media. 

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