RaiseMoney.com Launches Search Portal for Multi-Billion Dollar Global CrowdFund Industry

NEW YORK, Oct. 07, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RaiseMoney.com, a search engine portal led by financial industry veterans announced today the launch of a global search directory to support the multi-billion dollar crowdfund industry and the tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, early stage and fast-growing startups, philanthropic missions and political campaigns across the globe that seek to raise money online. Prior to RaiseMoney.com, fund raisers have had few tools to easily research the rapidly growing universe of online crowdfunding platforms that promote fund raising initiatives.

The RaiseMoney.com search portal lists a broad spectrum of donation-based crowdfund sites and investment crowdsourcing sites that list projects from startups that seek capital in exchange for an actual equity stake in the enterprise. The search directory includes sites operating in more than twenty major countries and segregates sites according to twenty different product and service categories. Listing fees for crowdfund platforms that want global exposure start at only one dollar per day. The platform also includes curated news content and a sponsor’s module for professional service providers who specialize in legal, accounting, web development and public relations for startups.

According to Q3 2015 industry research, there are now more than 2000 traditional crowdfunding and equity crowdfund sites that have helped raise several billions of dollars for startups and philanthropic ventures. Equity crowdfund platforms, inspired by the 2012 passage of the JOBS Act in the United States, and proactive legislation passed in major countries across the globe, now host thousands of deal offerings, ranging in size from $100,000 to over $2 million, depending on the local regulatory regime.

Stated Eric Smith, director of data analytics at Crowdnetic, “Online equity crowdfunding deals across the globe are on track to raise well in excess of $2 billion in 2015, with double and triple-digit growth projected over the next 3-5 years.” Added Smith, “Given the proliferation of sites, the first challenge for the thousands of entrepreneurs and startup groups who seek to raise money is sorting through the tens of dozens of theme-specific platforms to determine which is best-suited to list their fund raising project on.”

Noted Pete Hoegler, a senior analyst for financial industry blog, MarketsMuse.com, “The RaiseMoney.com platform has three critical elements in its favor. Firstly, they have a really compelling domain name that inspires immediate brand recognition.” Added Hoegler, “Secondly, this group has the benefit of not having “first-mover disadvantage” and most important, RaiseMoney.com is providing a much-needed service for a still nascent industry that is capturing the attention of millions of people and billions of dollars.”

About RaiseMoney.com

Located in New York’s Wall Street area with offices in London and Tel Aviv, RaiseMoney.com is led by a team of finance industry entrepreneurs whose prior experience includes senior roles at major investment firms and now operate a portfolio of top-ranked websites that serve entrepreneurs, institutional and angel investors, and issuers of corporate securities and private placements. The company’s website is www.raisemoney.com

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