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Lightning Round: This group is having a major move


It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Ferrellgas Partners: "Ferrellgas is hard to figure because the price of propane has collapsed. It yields 10 percent, it should be making more money. I have to do more work on why that yield is so high."

United Rentals: "I'm on the fence with United Rentals...I think URI works here if Caterpillar is going higher, and I also think that URI is down too much. But remember it's like XPO, it's considered to be a roll-up."

Union Pacific Corporation: "It's my favorite rail, it's incredible...I've got to tell you, I am late to the party. I am willing to like Union Pacific, but this group is having a major move and it's China related. Union Pacific, I don't think it's going to have that good of a quarter but I don't think anyone cares."

Raytheon: "Raytheon is fantastic! The defense stocks are in a secular bull market. They're not even cutting the budget here and look at the paper. Is there anyone that doesn't want a Patriot missile? I mean I want Patriot missiles in my backyard and I like my neighbors!"

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Gilead Sciences: "It sells at 8.5 times earnings, that's ridiculous. You know it's one of my four horsemen of biotech in the big pharma apocalypse. I think Gilead is a buy right here."

Martin Marietta Materials: "The business is good. You see the permits this morning? Mortgage applications are up huge. This company is doing everything right and Ward Nye is a good executive. I will tell you that the stock trades very difficult...but Ward is doing a great job."

Breitburn Energy: "Not my favorite. We are not going to deal with high yielding oil companies at a time when oil could go back down. We are going to have to say no. That one is too dangerous."

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