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What people regret the most in retirement

Financial advisor and senior couple

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6 common retirement regrets

Ready for retirement? Whether Americans have a retirement savings plan plays a big role in their opinion about having an affordable retirement, according to the Employee Benefit Research Institute's 2015 annual retirement confidence survey.

But financial advisors say there are many other factors potential retirees should consider before leaving the workforce, including the timing of Social Security payments, planning for leisure time and budgeting based on unrealistic rates of return. Some retirees, they say, get these wrong and live to regret it.

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Take travel. "I've had dozens of clients that put off traveling, waiting until 'the time was right' only to let illness and other life issues prevent them from embarking on all the trips they put off for years," said Jeff Rose, a certified financial planer at Alliance Wealth Management in Carbondale, Illinois.

Avoid these six common retirement regrets.

By Lucy Maher, special to CNBC.com
Posted 7 Oct. 2015

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