Phoenix's mXP Platform Reveals the Premiering Fall Drama Hits

RHINEBECK, N.Y., Oct. 8, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Phoenix Marketing International is connecting with hard-to-reach television viewers to learn more about the shows they plan to watch this fall via mXP, its new mobile insights survey platform. In the most recent mXP micro-survey, viewers were asked, "Which one of the following new TV dramas that are premiering this fall are you the most excited to watch?" The results revealed that overall 60% of respondents are excited about the new Fall Drama offerings. NBC's Blindspot (18%) and Heroes Reborn (14%) score the highest of those that are excited about any new drama, followed by ABC's Quantico (12%).

Respondents chose from the following TV shows in their answer: Agent X on TNT, Blindspot on NBC, Blood & Oil on ABC, Containment on The CW, Heroes Reborn on NBC, Into the Badlands on AMC, Limitless on CBS, Marvel's Jessica Jones on Netflix, Minority Report on FOX, Quantico on ABC, Scream Queens on FOX, Supergirl on CBS, The Bastard Executioner on FX, The Man in the High Castle on Amazon, orNone of These.

While many shows score equal in excitement across gender,

  • 12% of females selected Scream Queens while only 3% of males picked this show;
  • 14% of females selected Quantico on ABC, while only 9% of males did so and
  • 9% of males selected either FX's The Bastard Executioner or Netflix's Marvel's Jessica Jones while just under 5% of females selected either of these shows.

Additional results broken down by age, ethnicity, income and parent/non-parent were also revealed in the data and are available for review.

"According to some recent estimates by the end of the year, there will be over 400 scripted shows that will have aired. Trying to understand potential viewer interest and excitement or likelihood to become a sticky viewer is incredibly hard. Our team is able to assess TV viewers' interests and intentions in short order using the new mXP platform," said Edye Twer, President of Phoenix's Converged Technology and Media Practice. "With easy access to 15m+ TV viewers across the USA, the mXP platform provides an opportunity for television executives to gain insights quickly, allowing for accelerated delivery of decision-making information and answers to business-critical questions."

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About mXP

mXP, powered by SessionM, is a suite of mobile products that include Phoenix's best-in-class market research methods, vertical industry expertise, and advanced analytics. mXP products provide access to an extensive network of on-the-go consumers, sourced from 100+ million mobile device users and among a coalition of 1,500 integrated mobile apps. mXP provides marketers with insights quickly, acquiring more than 275,000 responses each day, allowing for accelerated delivery of decision-making information and answers to business critical questions.

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