World Precision Instruments unveils a rebrand to empower researchers to achieve their scientific ideas

Sarasota, FL, Oct. 08, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For the first time in almost 50 years, World Precision Instruments (WPI), a leading laboratory product supplier, just launched a new brand strategy in support of life science researchers.

WPI updated its logo and graphical elements in an acknowledgement of the internal improvements the company has made to provide scientists with reliable and significant instruments at cost-effective prices. The updated logo, graphics and communication are modeled for a world of online and offline viewing to simplify the customers’ experience with WPI.

“We are simplifying how we describe our products and solutions to scientists, so that they readily understand that our main goal is to support their specific research ideas and vision,” said Katrin Pfitzenreiter, Sr. Marketing Manager of WPI.

The customer is at the forefront of WPI’s continued evolution as a company. After 48 years in business, WPI is renewing its commitment to provide the customer with the best quality products and services at the most cost-effective prices in order to help further scientific research.

WPI has implemented measures such as ISO-9001:2008 certification throughout the home office and production facility to improve efficiency and ensure quality. Its operational processes are also hinged on six sigma philosophies. To make the customers’ experience with WPI as seamless as possible, WPI has introduced a dedicated account manager program for a trusted point of contact to assist with products and solutions needs.

“WPI’s new tagline Instrumenting scientific ideas speaks of the company’s intrinsic desire to empower scientists to actualize their scientific ideas and vision with solutions and services that will get them more for less, and that is WPI’s heart and soul,” said Cliff Bredenberg, President of WPI.

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World Precision Instruments (WPI)
WPI is a leading global laboratory product manufacturer focused on providing scientists with cutting edge laboratory instruments at cost-effective prices. Nearly 50 years ago, WPI designed and manufactured electrophysiology equipment. Now, the organization is in several areas of study, the core being in tissue and cell biology, animal physiology and electrophysiology. Today WPI is the world’s leading provider of equipment for TEER measurement, nitric oxide testing and other physiology research disciplines.

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Katrin Pfitzenreiter, Sr. Marketing Manager World Precision Instruments, Inc. (941) 870-8173 or

Source: World Precision Instruments