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Lightning Round: The move on this is too big


It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Baxalta: "I like Baxalta...This is the kind of stock that nobody really loves right now and yet that is exactly when I will buy it, because we will rotate back into those stocks back in not a long period of time. I say pick some up right here."

BP PLC: "If you are in your mid-20s you want to be in a growth oil. You want to be in a Concho, or a Cimarex. But only if they pull back. That group has had way too big of a move."

NXP Semiconductors: "This market has changed. NXPI is high growth, along with Avago and Skyworks. Right now these are in bear phase. When the bear phase is over we can buy them. We don't know when it is going to switch, though. I don't want to get in front of a freight train. NXPI at $75, maybe we will rethink."

Salesforce: "Look, had a remarkable quarter. It is a high growth stock in a market that likes value. I bet you can get a little rotation, get the stock between $72 and $73. But if you're taking a 3-5 year view, just go buy some. It's one of the few growth stocks that is really holding up."

Taser International: "This stock has come down, we like this stock in the teens. It went way too high, it's coming back down to a level I think is totally sustainable. I want to buy it."

Axalta Coating Systems: "We get 18 million cars sold, then I think you want to own this stock. This is one of those by the way where Dupont may have given it away too easily and that could be one of the reasons why. Let's just say, I like the stock."

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Agios Pharmaceuticals: "As long as you are looking for long-term, because those stocks are in bear market territory and they are not going to come back yet. Those stocks are in a bear phase, but if you take a longer term view then I do bless it."

Nvidia: "Is that really a value semiconductor? Yes, that's probably why it has been going up. They are also in a lot of the new cars. It's a buy. The value semis are buys."

Clean Energy Fuels: "I've got natural gas plays like Enbridge. To me it makes so much more sense than that one. I am going to say buy Enbridge, do not buy Clean Energy."

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