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Cramer game plan: Washington could prompt pullback

Cramer's plan: Political fiasco & earnings

Jim Cramer considered the rally this week something to behold. It's as if everything that the bulls had been afraid of simply disappeared. Worries over commodities, China and Brazil all melted away, leaving investors free to buy.

Could this be too good to be true?

"Let's just say there are issues in next week's game plan that are nettlesome enough," the "Mad Money" host said. (Tweet this)

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So with this in mind, Cramer dove into his game plan of stocks and events to watch for the week.

Monday: A government shutdown?
With the demise of Republican leadership in Congress comes the possibility of another government shutdown — perhaps as soon as the second week of November.

However, Cramer thinks on Monday investors could start to hear about the possibility of a shutdown, and that will be negative for stocks. As soon as that chatter begins, the worry about disruption in Washington will spill to Wall Street. While Cramer does not want this to occur, he wants investors aware of the possibility and ready to play it.

"Here is the drill that has worked in the past: you sell, lighten up on stocks and raise cash when you first hear that a shutdown is coming, and then on the second day of the actual shutdown you start buying," Cramer said.

I think the market is overbought and due for a pullback
Jim Cramer

Tuesday: Johnson & Johnson, JPMorgan, Intel, CSX
JPMorgan: Cramer has seen many confused investors when earnings are released, so he recommended not investing or trading this stock before listening to the commentary. JPMorgan needs higher rates to blow away the numbers, and the street is expecting a good, but not great, quarter. That means there is no urgency here.

Intel: Cramer is going to use Intel's quarter as a test to see how the stock performs on in-line numbers, which is what he expects. If numbers are in-line and its stock fails, then expect the slow growth tech stocks to sell-off. Be ready to trim.

Wednesday: Delta, Bank of America, Wells Fargo
Delta: The airline stocks have been coming back strong lately, as there is a possibility that the has finally peaked. Cramer is partial to Delta, and wants to buy it into any weakness going into the quarter.

Wells Fargo & Bank of America: Cramer's charitable trust owns both stocks. It owns Wells Fargo for earnings momentum and Bank of America because it is so cheap. Wells is his favorite, and he recommended investors buy it if it gets hit again when JPMorgan reports.

Thursday: Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Schlumberger
Schlumberger: This stock was crushed by hedge fund redemptions at the end of the last quarter, and has been rallying since. Cramer doesn't think the rally is done yet.

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Friday: General Electric, Honeywell
General Electric: As the best performing industrial of 2015, Cramer is willing to give this one a buy going into the quarter and coming out of it. Both GE and Honeywell have been part of a big turnaround in industrial stocks, and Cramer does not think it is over yet.

"Even if GE doesn't come in, you should own a small position in it. If it does pullback…I'd buy some GE. And then get ready to buy more if people feel it has run too much. It hasn't," Cramer said.

So once again, the time has come to focus on Washington's impact on Wall Street. The government turmoil could give investors an opportunity to pick up high quality stocks, and protect a portfolio that could be hurt by the hazards of overextended stocks impacted by bad news.

"I think the market is overbought and due for a pullback," Cramer said. (Tweet this)

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