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Dr. David Frazee Adds Aviso S B-Scan to Office's Advanced Optometric Technology

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RICHARDSON, Texas, Oct. 11, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The optometry office of Dr. David Frazee has added a Quantel Aviso S B-Scan to their full complement of advanced optometric office technology. The Aviso S B-Scan is a highly advanced tool that significantly improves early diagnoses of serious eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts and diabetic retinopathy. This tool facilitates standard echography, making the process faster and more reliable.

Dr. David Frazee, a Richardson, Texas, area optometrist, believes this tool is a valuable addition to his office's technology. "We utilize a wide variety of technological tools to diagnose our patients. With the Aviso S B-Scan we can get a full picture of what is going on inside the eye. The ultrasound allows us to measure differences in normal and abnormal ocular tissue to reach a more accurate and efficient patient diagnosis. With this tool we can more accurately diagnose and treat vitreous degeneration, retinal detachments and glaucoma."

Dr. Frazee stresses the importance of regular eye exams for his patients, particularly those with chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. Regular eye exams of the iris, cornea, optic nerve and retina can detect minor changes in the eye's health and recommend specialized treatment if necessary. "Furthermore," states Dr. Frazee, "I cannot overstate the importance of regular eye exams. Many eye diseases present few if any symptoms in the early stages, but with the use of advanced technology and regular exams, we can track subtle changes in the eye.  These changes may be imperceptible to the patient, but with an early diagnosis we can intervene and slow or stop the progression of most degenerative eye diseases."

In addition to the Aviso S B-Scan, Dr. Frazee's office uses Optomap/RHA retinal screenings which produce a detailed view of the eye.  The image produced goes 10 layers deep, much more detailed than a standard dilation, and leaves the patient with none of the usual side effects of dilation such as blurred vision and light sensitivity. Visual Evoked Potential (VEP) measures the electrical activity in the visual system. This data shows how fast a patient's eyes and brain communicate.  Other instruments, such as the Cirrus OCT and Oculus Pentacam, aid patients in the diagnosis of glaucoma, fitting of contact lenses and refractive surgery.

Dr. David Frazee's office offers a full line of traditional and designer frames as well as disposable, daily or extended wear and gas-permeable contact lenses. The office also specializes in fitting patients who have previously been hard to fit for contact lenses through the use of advanced technology and computer-assisted manufacturing processes. 

The optometry office of Dr. David Frazee is located at 1410 North Plano Road #100 in Richardson, TX and serves patients from Plano, Wylie, Garland and Frisco. Prospective patients can call 972-669-4141 to make an appointment.

Dr. David Frazee, (972) 669-4141

Source: Medical office of Dr.David Frazee

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