Woodside Animal Clinic Now Offering Prolozone Therapy for Pet Joint Restoration

ROYAL OAK, Mich., Oct. 11, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Woodside Animal Clinic announces that the practice is now offering Prolozone therapy for pet joint restoration. According to holistic veterinarian Dr. John Simon, Prolozone therapy offers a number of therapeutic benefits over prolotherapy, which was previously the primary therapeutic option for joint restoration. During Prolozone therapy, a combination of ozone gas, procaine, Vitamin B12 and the homeopathic solution Zeel is injected into the damaged joint for pain relief and mobility restoration. According to Dr. Simon, ozone gas has been shown to stimulate the regeneration of joint cartilage and the supporting connective tissues. Prolozone therapy is an alternative treatment for pets that are not considered to be good candidates for orthopedic surgery.

Royal Oak, Michigan, holistic veterinarian Dr. John Simon announced that his practice, Woodside Animal Clinic, has had great success treating joint pain in pets using Prolozone therapy. Prolozone therapy is an alternative treatment for orthopedic surgery and, according to Dr. Simon, a more effective alternative than prolotherapy, which had previously been used.

“Prolozone therapy has been widely used in Europe for over 30 years, but only recently has become available in the United States,” said Dr. Simon. “Not only does Prolozone therapy have a higher success rate than prolotherapy, but Prolozone therapy also is gentler on pets, requires fewer treatments to be effective, and carries a lower risk for side effects. I am excited to announce that this cutting-edge treatment is now available for pets at our Royal Oak animal hospital.”

Prior to the introduction of Prolozone, prolotherapy was the primary alternate option for managing joint pain in pets. Prolotherapy treatments required as many as 10 injections in and around the joint at any one visit. With Prolozone therapy, however, only three to four injections are necessary, says Dr. Simon. The treatment is not as irritating to the tissue.

“Compared with prolotherapy, Prolozone therapy carries a far lower risk for potentially harmful side effects and possible infection,” said Dr. Simon. “Ozone has natural antibacterial properties that lower the risk for infection.”

While Prolozone therapy can be performed on any damaged joint, Dr. Simon says it is most commonly used is to repair damaged knee joints that have suffered a torn cruciate or a torn meniscus. Dr. Simon recommends Prolozone therapy as a treatment option to avoid surgery, especially for older animals with joint disease that are not considered to be good candidates for orthopedic procedures.

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Source:Woodside Animal Hospital