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Lightning Round: The problem with Ryder System


It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Ryder System: "A local company that pre-announced bad numbers after the close. When I looked at it, because you know we are close to Ryder and we have had them on a couple of times, to me it is execution issues involving Ryder. Not necessarily weakness involving the country."

Hasboro Inc: "Hasboro has come down enough that it seems like Disney, so-to-speak, in that it is going to get ready for "Star Wars". I'm not against owning Hasboro down here now that it has sold off."

VMware: "I wish I could help you. It seems like they have decided to sacrifice VMware to get this deal done with Dell & EMC. I cannot recommend VMware, I can say it could bounce, but the arbitragists will be all over it holding it down."

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Merck & Co: "You have to hold it. It's down 10 percent for the year, and it yields 3.5 percent. Unfortunately I have no catalyst, but at one point today it was down to $49 on similarity to Eli Lilly. I think it's guilt by association but I've got to tell you, without a catalyst for Merck I don't know why I should pound the table on it."

Boot Barn Holdings: "BOOT really is rather amazing. Let me tell you something, BOOT reported a great quarter. But it happened to be caught up in this end of high growth, going toward value. And that's what killed it. I'm a buyer of BOOT."

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