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Cramer: China's horrific numbers are a good thing

Cramer: China's horrific numbers are a good thing

Jim Cramer heard investors discussing the weak data that came out of China as the reason for its market's hideous initial decline on Tuesday, and thinks that is just plain wrong. There were actually two sets of Chinese numbers; import numbers were weak, but the export numbers were strong.

China's slump from September was confirmed when it reported worse-than-expected imports, down 20.4 percent. This was astounding to Cramer. However Chinese exports were down just 3 percent, which made sense to Cramer given the government's attempts to reinvigorate its domestic consumer spending economy.

"First, we have to ask ourselves, it is really a shock that imports are down in the People's Republic? Isn't that what this index I'm always talking about, the Baltic Freight index…has been telling us over the past few months?" the "Mad Money" host asked.

If you've been stuck in the Chinese stock market you are now getting a terrific chance to sell
Jim Cramer
Container ships are seen at Lianyungang port on July 10, 2015 in Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province of China. During the first six months of 2015, total value of foreign trade stood at about 1857.48 billion USD (11.53 trillion RMB), down by 6.9 percent from a year earlier.
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It was the export number of just 3 percent that stood out to Cramer more. It told him that the Chinese consumer economy may be in better shape than most think. It indicated that China could be getting stronger.

"But this morning we got what I've really been waiting for, a resumption in rising car sales after a three-month decline," Cramer said.

Auto sales increased 3.3 percent from a year earlier, now at 1.75 million vehicles. This number showed Cramer that the stabilization of China's stock market is finally putting the Chinese consumer into a better mood.

So, while Cramer cannot assess the impact of the almost 50 percent decline in the Shanghai Composite from its mid-June peak, he does know that car sales were hit hard.

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Meanwhile, the 20 percent decline in Chinese imports translated for Cramer to mean that there are expanding margins for almost every company that uses the materials, especially the U.S. housing market. But what was more important about this number to Cramer was that it recognized that the damage from the Chinese stock market crash is running its course.

"I don't know when the communist party will stop propping up stocks. However, I do know that if you've been stuck in the Chinese stock market you are now getting a terrific chance to sell, and unless you bought from January to June, you could still be sitting on some pretty big gains," Cramer said.

So, for the first time in ages, there was a piece of good news out of China. Others may not be willing to recognize it, but Cramer is. That could be fabulous news for the global economy.

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