iView Limited to Showcase Innovative Projection Platforms and Solutions at Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2015

HONG KONG, Oct. 13, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- iView Limited, a global leader in commercializing micro-optical projection technology, is exhibiting at Hong Kong Electronics Fair, Autumn Edition, 2015 (Booth CH-J08). iView is to showcase various new cutting-edge solutions and product concepts. Among those,

1. Automotive projection Head-Up-Displays Solution

HUD is well-received in the automotive market and believed to be enhancing information and safety during driving. It is going to be a standard in automotive industry. Conventional HUD enabled by LCD and other flat panel displays offers low information content due to limitation of display brightness. Projection based HUD is the only one technology that offers both high resolution and brightness. The company is offering total optical solution from combiner optics to projection engine for after-market HUD system


2. Near-wall Screen-less Projection TV Solution

Lamp based Ultra-Short-Throw (UST) projector is expensive and limited mostly to educational and professional uses. The company is offering the world’s first compact and low power LED based UST projection solution that can be battery powered. The solution enables near-wall screen-less projection TV that can be placed next to wall, while with a screen variable in size. The projection TV resulted in very mobile and can be used in home, office, and outdoor environments. It is the future TV.


3. MEMS Laser Scanning Projection Module

MEMS projection module is enabled by a MEMS scanning device, ultra-precision optics, and laser light source. It has the advantage of focus-free and can project image on all kinds of surfaces. The image is scanned that renders the module very thin and compact for various applications such as automotive projection Head-Up-Displays (HUD), and embedded into wearables and mobile devices.


4. LOKI - the World’s First Handheld Interactive Projection Device and Platform

LOKI is a hardware and software platform that enables revolutionary applications and user experience. The projector, touch-pad, CMOS cameras, wireless links, and all other embedded sensors can be programmed to work together to enable enormous applications. LOKI can be a gaming device with projected game plays with the touch-pad as controller for a single play or multiple connected phones controllers for multiplayer gaming. With the connectivity capability, LOKI can be a teleconference system and a baby monitor. The CMOS cameras and projector can work together for gesture interactive applications including business presentation. LOKI is a device to share, yet also a personal device that goes into our everyday life - LOKI is gaming, is movie, and it wakes you up in the morning with soothing video and music, and even can be your pet and interact with you (Why not?). LOKI is a revolutionary platform and it’s limited only by imagination.


About iView - iView, headquartered in Hong Kong, with engineering and manufacturing arms in Guangdong, China, is the leading provider of pico projection optical modules and is enabling pico projector products of various international brands. The company has the most versatile product range, from ultra-compact modules embedded in mobile devices, to products that enable mobile accessories, to high power modules for home entertainment and office use. In additional to consumer electronics sector, iView’s products are also being deployed in various industrial and medical applications such as automotive head-up displays, 3D scanning and printing, and medical vein finders.

For enquiries, please contact Daniel Kong, Marketing and Sales Manager, at danielkong@iviewdisplays.com and (852)92550957.

Source: iView Limited