SYSTRAN launches a new offer for international small and medium-sized enterprises

PARIS, Oct. 13, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SYSTRAN launches a new Enterprise Server edition called the Team Edition. This new edition is designed for small teams or services (R & D, project teams, etc.) who need to translate securely and at low costs.

Small businesses seeking to expand globally need to communicate and collaborate in multiple languages. With current automatic translation solutions, users can produce and quickly understand multilingual documents. But to be truly effective, these solutions must be able to generate accurate translations. Accuracy can only be obtained by adapting solutions to the language specific to a company and its industry.

With SYSTRAN's latest generation hybrid translation engine, SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8 combines the advantages of machine translation based on both linguistic rules and statistical treatments to provide high quality translations. As with other editions, the Team Edition offers wide language coverage (over 45 languages), including the most spoken languages in the world. Customization options such as user dictionaries and translation models are unlimited to allow users to tailor their translations to their needs and achieve the highest level of quality.

Delivered as a Virtual Machine, SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8 is easily installed on the customer's site to ensure the security and confidentiality of the information to be translated. The Team Edition offers user-friendly tools in order to meet the instantaneous translation requirements. The users (up to 20) can thus translate in real-time text, files, office documents, web pages or emails and chat conversations.

The launch of the Team Edition coincides with the launch of an "Industry Pack", which specifically targets companies that need to accurately translate into another language often highly specialized business terminology. The "Industry Pack" therefore includes in addition to the Team Edition, a service conducted by a SYSTRAN expert to build terminology from business data. Once built, this terminology containing the company and industry terms is then integrated into the translation engine to gain precision. Another feature of the pack is the online service SYSTRANLinks. Reusing the customized terminology, this service translates websites so as to reach new customers abroad.

"We are pleased to support SMBs in their international development by offering an automatic translation solution that is powerful and competitive," said Arnaud Dufournet, Marketing Director at SYSTRAN. "With SYSTRAN Enterprise Server, multilingual communication with customers and suppliers is simplified and the time and cost of translating manuals and technical documentation is reduced."


For over four decades, SYSTRAN has been the market leader in language-translation products and solutions, covering all types of platforms, from desktop to internet and enterprise servers.
To help organizations enhance multilingual communication and increase productivity, SYSTRAN delivers real-time language solutions for internal collaboration, search, eDiscovery, content management, online customer support and e-Commerce.

With the ability to facilitate communication in 130+ language combinations, SYSTRAN is the leading choice of global companies, Defense and Security organizations, and Language Service Providers. SYSTRAN is also the official translation solutions provider for the S-Translator, a default-embedded app on the Samsung Galaxy S and Note series.

Since its early beginnings, SYSTRAN has been pioneering advances in machine translation and Natural Language Processing. Its latest achievement, a new-generation Hybrid MT, combines the predictability and language consistency of rule-based machine translation with the fluency of statistical MT.

SYSTRAN is headquartered in Seoul with offices in Daejeon, South Korea; Paris, France; and San Diego, USA.

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Arnaud Dufournet, Marketing Director
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