Riverdale Funding, LLC is Now Providing Hard Money Loans in Nebraska

Lincoln, Nebraska, Oct. 14, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Riverdale Funding, LLC, the leading private hard money lender, has announced their services will now be available in the state of Nebraska. In an effort to remove the burden of lengthy and sometimes, invasive loan decisions, the company is extending their resources to better help Nebraska property owners achieve their commercial real estate goals.

"Currently, we are serving 37 of the 50 states in this country," says Joe Hughis, vice president of Riverdale Funding, LLC. "This means the majority of Americans now have access secure asset-based loans, without having to worry about their credit or financial histories."

As the country's most trusted source for nontraditional commercial loans, Riverdale Funding, LLC has provided thousands of commercial real estate investors, builders, and developers with the finances they seek to support their real estate endeavors. With hard money loans ranging from $250,000 to $5 million and options for 1 to 3-years terms with interest only payments, the company has gained a reputation for being a fast, flexible, and streamlined path to closing.

"For Nebraska property owners looking to finance new projects, we are now able to provide commercial hard money loans at up to 65 percent of their property value," said Hughis. "We make our decisions quickly, based solely on the individuals hard assets, making the process an incredibly stress free experience. This way, our clients can waste less time dealing with banks and instead, dedicate their valuable time toward growing their property."

To obtain a commercial hard money loan in Nebraska, individuals need only upload an application along with property images to the Riverdale Funding, LLC website. From there, the company's highly experienced account executives will quickly assess the value of the loan and promptly notify the client of their decision.

For more information or to apply now, please visit http://www.riverdalefunding.com.


About Riverdale Funding, LLC

Riverdale Funding, LLC is a private commercial hard money lender, specializing in a variety of nontraditional commercial loans for real estate investors, builders, and developers throughout the United States. As a trusted, equity-driven private hard money lender, Riverdale Funding bases all decisions strictly on the value of the individuals' real estate assets. Loan decisions are made quickly and independently, ultimately providing loans tailored to individual financial needs.

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