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Tesla's new Autopilot feature: The reviews are in

Tesla unveils autopilot system
Check out Tesla's Autopilot technology
Tesla Autopilot: How it feels hands free

Elon Musk unveiled Tesla's Autopilot software for the Model S on Wednesday, and the automotive and tech press was all over the new feature.

The reviews? The technology is impressive, most critics said, but not ready to take over for human drivers full time just yet.

"I want the Tesla to change lanes for me. And it does, but not right away. It inches forward, then pulls back," Aarti Shahani of All Tech Considered writes. "A car behind us was accelerating. I would have tried to cut it off. But the self-driving Model S has more self-restraint."

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Road & Track previewed the technology in New York City. The driver said the system was "almost entirely unflappable."

He wrote that "autopilot reacts a little less smoothly than an attentive human chauffeur when traffic comes to an unexpected halt, and its insistence on maintaining a constant gap with traffic ahead can lead to some slightly jerky moments when a fellow motorist cuts into your lane. It's nothing major, but it does take a few minutes to put your full trust in the system."

A TechCrunch driver called the ride a "mind-blowing experience" — that is, once he relaxed.

"There were times when the system tripped up, but it did so gracefully. At no point during our test did it feel like the car was doing anything unsafe, nor did I ever feel like I couldn't immediately retake control. A few times, though, things that I was expecting to happen just … didn't. I'd tell the car to switch lanes; instead, it just stayed its course, keeping me perfectly in the lane I was already in."