New Agency Brings Austin Photographers to National Stage

Austin, Oct. 16, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Austin, TX – 15 October, 2015 - Homestead Creatives is pleased to announce the launch of its new agency, based in Austin, Texas, to unite and showcase independent local photographers, designers and advertising creatives on a national level.

Founded by Shannon McMillan, Art Producer at award-winning agency GDS&M for 15 years, and Maddie Hamilton, a producer who has worked on national brands including Target, Budweiser, Goodyear and Southwest Airlines, Homestead Creatives is already signing up clients for both representation and production.

“The Austin advertising and movie industry has grown and changed dramatically over the past decade,” Ms. McMillan said. “More agencies and film directors from all over the United States are moving to and shooting in Austin, increasing demand for local professional artists.

“Sourcing the right creatives for projects can be quite a challenge, and we actually live here in Austin. How difficult must it be then for a New York-based or Los Angeles-based production company with a Texas project to find these people?

“They end up bringing in people and as a result, Austin artists miss out on exposure to the national stage. Homestead Creatives is a central location where agencies and production houses can source exactly who they need locally for a project, based on a collation of portfolios. And we’re not just talking about Texas projects. These photographers are world class.

“We are the first agency to represent only Austin photographers and creatives,” McMillan says.

Homestead has already signed six Austin artists and has more in the process of having their work evaluated. Signed artists include Matt Leif Anderson, Cody Hamilton, Dave Mead, Brett Stiles, Buff Strickland, and Andrew Yates.

“We are excited to be taking the portfolios to NYCFotoWorks ( in New York next week and showcase the talent that Austin, TX has to offer,” said Ms. Hamilton.

“This is a win/win. National agencies and production houses get the best of local talent when they need it, and Austin creatives get a better chance to bid on a wider range of projects.”


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Source:Homestead Creatives LLC