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DETROIT, Oct. 16, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Most Americans judge the effectiveness of a diet by how effectively it can target and remove the fat outwardly visible, like tough to target fat stores in the underarms, belly, thighs, and rear.

Unfortunately, average medical weight loss plans do not effectively target these difficult-to-reach areas of the body. To more effectively target these outwardly visible fat stores, Diet Doc has created a four stage medical weight loss plan, proven effective at targeting the most stubborn fat stores in the body.

Weight loss can be trivialized by reducing it to the idea of consuming less calories than the body burns on a daily basis. However, with the abundance of high-calorie food thrust in the face of the American public, reducing the amount of calories patients consume on a daily basis can be extremely challenging. To combat this, the first phase of the Diet Doc medical weight loss plan involves calorie loading, allowing dieters to load up their fat cells to prepare for the stricter phases of the program.

This loading phase encourages patients to consume a diet high in fat and calories but only lasts two days before beginning phase two where patients will experience a shift in metabolism and the body will reach a state of ketosis with stable blood sugar levels and regulated insulin. The entrance into ketosis, the ideal state of fast weight loss, requires approximately a week, which constitutes phase two of the Diet Doc medical weight loss plan.

Phase three begins when the body is in the perfect fat burning state, a state of ketosis, and can be continued for as long as needed until all desired weight has been lost. The average Diet Doc patient will lose between 15 and 20 pounds per month, continually, until the desired weight is achieved. During phase three, patients will experience fast weight loss, losing belly fat, thigh fat and underarm fat rapidly and with ease.

Once patients reach their desired weight, they can transfer to stage four of the Diet Doc medical weight loss plan, which is appropriately referred to as the maintenance phase. An extremely important aspect of phase four is doctor consultations. Diet Doc allows each patient unlimited access to licensed doctors, nurses, and nutritionists throughout all four phases of the Diet Doc medical weight loss plan. This ensures that patients will always have a trusted and expert resource to refer to if results begin to wane or keeping the weight off becomes difficult.

Diet Doc believes that the best medical weight loss requires unlimited access to a doctor, and offers such access to all patients during weight loss, as well as for up to a year after the patient has completed their diet.

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