Norsk Hydro: Para port facilities may close for clean-up, operations currently unaffected

OSLO, Norway, Oct. 16, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Brazil's Federal and State Public Attorneys in Pará and the State Public Defender has requested that the Brazilian federal court halt activities at the Vila do Conde port to clean up after a ship, carrying cattle, capsized in the port on October 6. Hydro's operations at the nearby Albras and Alunorte plants are so far unaffected.

The capsizing happened at one of several quays at Vila do Conde, which is Pará's biggest port and also the location of the quay that Hydro uses to load and unload finished goods and certain raw materials for Alunorte and Albras. Any possible future closure of the port would not immediately impact Hydro's operations, however, a longer-term closure could eventually impact operations.

Hydro is following the situation closely and is actively assisting authorities in dealing with the situation. The port is owned and operated by Companhia Docas do Pará (CDP).

Alunorte, owned 92 percent by Hydro, has a nameplate capacity of 6.3 million tonnes and is the world's largest alumina refinery. Albras is Brazil's largest aluminium plant, with an annual capacity of 460,000 tonnes of aluminium. Both plants are located in the municipality of Barcarena in the state of Pará in northern Brazil.

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Source:Norsk Hydro