Petition to rename the Australian dollar to the 'dollarydoo'

Luke Graham, special to

An online petition to change the name of Australia's currency to "dollarydoos" has received support from more than 13,000 people.

The suggested new name for the is a reference to an episode of "The Simpsons" from 1995 where the animated family visits the country.

John Phillips | Digital Editor | CNBC

The petition was started two days ago by Thomas Probst, who thinks rebranding the currency to could boost the commodities-linked currency and reinvigorate the economy.

"This will make millions of people around the world want to get their hands on some Australian currency due to the real-life 'Simpsons' reference, driving up the value of the Australian currency," Probst wrote on petition's page. "If the leaders of this great nation have any common sense at all, they will introduce legislation to parliament to change the name of our currency as soon as possible."

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The Australian dollar has declined 11 percent against the U.S. dollar year-to-date, and currently trades around at 0.726 cents. One reason for the decline has been the slowdown in China, one of the main importers of Australian commodities.

At the time of writing, 13,057 people had signed the petition, which is addressed to four Australian politicians including the current Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

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