Active Body Chiro-Care Open in Four Convenient Locations

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Oct. 18, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Active Body Chiro-Care is open in four convenient locations throughout the Los Angeles area. Located within Equinox — LA's premier gym — the West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Century City and South Bay offices offer full-service chiropractic care with a focus on living a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. James Hogan of Active Body Chiro-Care uses a "whole person approach" to chiropractic care in each of his locations. He says, "I can treat the symptoms of almost any condition with chiropractic from back and neck pain to stiffness in the joints, but that doesn't get to the root of the problem. When I step back and look at my patients from the perspective of their entire being, we can quickly find places in nutrition, movement and exercise where even the smallest adjustments in their routine can reap enormous benefits."

To that end, Dr. Hogan believes that having offices located within the Equinox facility is a great benefit. According to Dr. Hogan, "My patients can consult with me in my office and then immediately enter the Equinox facilities to begin or continue with their fitness programs. Likewise, if my patients are having difficulty, then they know that I am always nearby."

Active Body Chiro-Care's four locations offer personalized care for each patient. Dr. Hogan's philosophy is to treat the root, underlying cause of the problem from within. His treatments integrate traditional chiropractic adjustments to relieve chronic pain or pain from an acute sports injury with complementary therapies such as corrective exercises and Kinesio taping. Dr. Hogan uses Kinesio taping to increase range of motion, circulation and lymphatic drainage or to reduce pain.

Dr. Hogan also provides Active Release Technique (ACT) treatment to his patients. With ACT, he can treat pain from sciatica, tennis elbow, or carpel tunnel, as well as chronic pain in the knees or shoulders. ACT works to loosen scar tissue, relieve tension, and provide an environment for natural healing to take place. This treatment begins with a comprehensive, full-body evaluation using the hands to determine which of the 500 possible moves is the right treatment for your unique conditions. Of the patients who undergo ACT, 90 percent of them find some degree of pain management is possible.

To make an appointment with Dr. Hogan, contact him at any one of his four locations. The West Hollywood offices are at 8590 Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, CA. The Santa Monica location is at 201 Santa Monica Boulevard in Santa Monica, CA. The Century City office is at 10220 Constellation Boulevard in Century City, CA. The South Bay offices are at 5400 Rosecrans Avenue in Hawthorne, CA. To make an appointment or to ask questions about Dr. Hogan's philosophy of care or services, call 310-494-0390.

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