N2 Eyes Comprehensive Optometry Announces Success With Ortho-K Treatment for Slowing Myopia Progression

NEWPORT NEWS, Va., Oct. 18, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Newport News eye doctors Dr. Nathalie Cassis and Dr. Martha Overmeyer have named October “Ortho-K Month” at N2 Eye Comprehensive Optometry. The eye doctors are raising awareness about the benefits of this treatment for non-surgical nearsightedness correction. Orthokeratology, also known as Ortho-K, uses special contact lenses to reshape the cornea while the patient sleeps. Upon waking, patients will not need to wear contact lenses or glasses. Ortho-K is most effective for patients who currently have a myopic prescription, including children. According to the eye doctors, Ortho-K treatment may also help to slow the progression of myopia in children under the age of 10 years.

Amy Willette says that her family been a patient of Dr. Cassis for over ten years. Dr. Cassis suggested Ortho-K as a treatment option for Amy’s 10-year-old son Ethan, and she says the treatment has made a significant difference for Ethan’s daily quality of life. “Ethan wears his Ortho-K lenses while he sleeps at night and is able to see 20/20 all day the next day,” said Mrs. Willette. “Ethan loves not having to wear sports goggles when playing baseball and being able to swim underwater with his eyes open while still seeing 20/20. Plus, Ethan no longer worries about losing a daily contact at school.”

“Ortho-K is a truly revolutionary treatment for slowing the progression of myopia and enabling patients to see clearly during the day without depending on prescription eye glasses or contacts,” said Newport News eye doctor Nathalie Cassis. “In particular, we have seen great results with pediatric patients. Given the current myopia epidemic amongst young children, Ortho-K is a beneficial option for preventing further progression and a treatment we strongly recommend for pediatric patients.”

During treatment, a patient wears special contact lenses at night while sleeping. The lenses are designed to re-shape the patient’s cornea. During the day, patients will not need to wear glasses or contacts. Ortho-K treatment only lasts as long as the lenses are worn at night; once a patient stops wearing the lenses, the cornea will resume its previous shape.

For a mild to moderate prescription, usually only one pair of Ortho-K lenses is needed for treatment. Individuals with a high prescription may need two pairs of contact lenses to achieve the desired results, says Dr. Cassis.

“Right now, our goal is early intervention in pediatric patients,” said Dr. Nathalie Cassis. “While Ortho-K cannot permanently correct vision, it can slow the progression of vision deterioration.”

N2 Eyes Comprehensive Optometry provides eye care for patients of all ages. Services include eye and vision exams, hard to fit contacts and eye disease management. For more information on the benefits of Ortho-K treatment, prospective patients may schedule an appointment with Dr. Nathalie Cassis and Dr. Martha Overmeyer by calling 757-517-0100 or visiting http://n2eyes.com/.

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