Renowned Nutritional Expert Mike Gallagher to Give Natural Solutions: Stress and Sleep Presentation at Anderson Chiropractic

MCMURRAY, Pa., Oct. 18, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Anderson Chiropractic will host guest speaker Mike Gallagher at their McMurray office on October 29th at 6:00 PM. Gallagher is a certified lifestyle educator and consultant. Gallagher's presentation "Natural Solutions: Stress and Sleep" will address the effect that stress and sleep have on our wellbeing as well as ways that these problems can be solved naturally. The event is open to all who RSVP.

Dr. Scott Anderson of Anderson Chiropractic is very excited to welcome Mike Gallagher as a guest speaker. "Stress wreaks havoc in our lives and affects our physical and emotional wellbeing. It can cause depression, insomnia and general fatigue that keeps us from being our best. I think it's important to recognize that we all have stressors in our lives, but how we deal with it varies greatly from person to person. Because Mike Gallagher has over 15 years in the nutritional industry, he is well versed in ways to confront stress and encourage healthy sleep patterns naturally, without the use of pharmaceuticals."

Anderson Chiropractic specializes in the drug-free treatment of chronic pain, sports injuries and other conditions through chiropractic treatment, massage therapy, and corrective exercises. Dr. Anderson offers nutritional counseling and believes that through an improved diet his patients can reduce stress and boost energy levels. According to Dr. Anderson, "This is one reason we are so glad to have Mr. Gallagher with us on the 29th. His presentation fits naturally into and enhances our existing nutritional counseling program. We believe that everyone, whether they are a patient of ours or not, can benefit from his expertise."

Both Gallagher and Dr. Anderson will attend the event and will make themselves available afterward to answer questions from the audience about natural and nutritional solutions to common problems caused by stress.

Anderson Chiropractic is currently offering a New Patient Special. For $49, new patients will receive a treatment package valued at $250 including a personalized consultation, exam and adjustment with Dr. Anderson. Dr. Anderson's practice employs the latest in advanced chiropractic technology in the treatment of his patients including vibrational therapy, Creative Brainwave Stimulation and Erchonia Cold Laser Light Therapy. As trained Reiki master, Dr. Anderson is an expert in the natural healing of the body and has obtained advanced training in nutritional deficiencies and weight loss.

To RSVP to the "Natural Solutions: Stress and Sleep" event or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Scott Anderson, contact the office at 724-941-5805.

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Source: Anderson Chiropractic