Veterinary Laser Therapy Successful for Pain Management, Says Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 18, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pets with chronic injuries, pain and inflammation may benefit from laser therapy, a new treatment now available at Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital. Las Vegas veterinarian Dr. Gerald Pribyl announced that the practice has had significant success using cold laser therapy to relieve pain and inflammation while promoting faster internal healing after an injury. Since cold laser therapy is an effective treatment for managing osteoarthritis pain, cold laser therapy may also be a viable alternative to orthopedic surgery in older pets, says Dr. Pribyl. The veterinarian is encouraging pet owners to learn more about the benefits of laser therapy.

Cold laser therapy – now available at Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital – is a non-surgical treatment for pets suffering from chronic pain or recovering from an injury.

“Laser therapy is a cutting-edge treatment technique for managing pain in pets, especially older pets who have osteoarthritis,” says veterinarian Dr. Gerald Pribyl. “While not all pet surgery can be avoided, we do urge pet owners to consider alternatives whenever possible. Laser therapy is a highly effective option for managing moderate chronic pain in older pets who are not good candidates for orthopedic surgery.”

Dr. Pribyl uses an FDA-approved Class IV laser to stimulate internal healing and reduce inflammation. During a treatment session, the laser penetrates just below the surface, directly stimulating cells to help heal after injury and reduce inflammation. Cells use the laser’s light energy to produce more ATP, a cellular fuel that is critical for tissue repair.

“Laser therapy can trigger a profound change on the cellular level,” said Dr. Pribyl. “During a treatment session it’s not unusual to see pets fall asleep. Many of them have been in chronic pain for months and they are finally able to relax the first time. Our goal is to help pets return to as normal a life as possible. With older pets, this includes safe levels of activity that won’t trigger pain. For other pets that are healing after an injury, this includes drug-free pain relief.”

The Las Vegas veterinarian also recommends cold laser therapy for treating disc problems and promoting healing after a surgical wound. In some cases, laser therapy may also be successful in treating hot spots or other areas where pets frequently lick their skin.

“Cold laser therapy is truly transformational,” said Dr. Pribyl. “A single course of treatment can provide several months of pain relief without the downside of medication.”

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