OPT Creation Inc. Has Started Full-Fledged Business Development With Nanobubble and Microbubble Technology

YOKOHAMA, Japan, Oct. 19, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OPT Creation, Inc. has started a full-fledged business development diversifying application to wide field such as Semiconductor Industry, Environment Industry and Medical fields. OPT Creation, Inc. is an Innovation and Technology company utilizing Nanobubble Microbubble technology.

For Industrial Application such as Semiconductor and Electrical Device, OPT Creation Inc. has developed new cleaning method using Microbubble and Ozone for Environment Friendly technology.

In Semiconductor process, progress of miniaturization, removing microscopic particle and metal contamination is getting difficult with current method. At same time, pattern collapse and problem of watermark are problem and OPT Creation’s new technology can overcome these problems.

Also, for the use of large amounts of water that are problematic in the semiconductor factory, it is possible to reduce the rinsing step or the like during cleaning, also significant benefits in environmental by the amount of water reduce is expected.

For this reason, including Japan, it has been attracting attention from a number of foreign companies, recently Semiconductor Device manufacturer Tokyo Electron’s TEL Venture Capital, Inc. (HQ in Silicon Valley CA) have invested and plan for an additional investment in the future.

In addition, for the purpose of productivity improvement and attention to further environmental aspects, OPT Creation Inc. is in collaboration with a complete liquid chemical-free cleaning method with Japanese major automobile manufacturer.

In the Science field, since presentation at 2013 United States Orthodontic Society introducing “Durable Ozone Water NAnO3” doesn’t form dangerous or toxic elements and sterilization power can remain 6 months or more with right condition. OPT Creation Inc. had received many inquiry and now in progress for many applications for commercialization.

Among them, since “NAnO3” can be dissolved stably ozone in water, Niigata University of Pharmacy and Applied Life Sciences and other institutes have begun research and experiment in infectious diseases, anti-cancer, immune activity for practical use in treatment.

OPT CREATION is to prove the technical capabilities-class to the world by the semiconductor cleaning technology and aim to clinical trials in the United States in the next to expand life sciences.

URL: http://www.optc.co.jp

For any inquiry please contact John Abe C.I.O. jabe@optc.co.jp

Source:OPT Creation, Inc.