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Office Envy: Inside Weebly's San Francisco headquarters

Office envy: Snacks, massage & secret room at Weebly
Office envy: Snacks, massage & secret room at Weebly

The three founders of Weebly have come a long way since their apartment at Penn State nearly ten years ago. Since starting a website-hosting service, David Rusenko, Chris Fanini and Dan Veltri now employ more than 300 people globally, with about half of them located inside their San Francisco headquarters.

Weebly serves 32 million users in 170 countries. The startup raised $35 million in its last round of funding, in which is hasn't used, and says its been cash flow positive since 2009.

The company even built a small library inside their office and if you pull out the right book, the book shelf opens to reveal a secret room.

"This was an ode to the speak easy era of the building," Veltri told CNBC. "It used to be a liquor distribution center and got shut down during the prohibition."

Weebly’s headquarters in San Francisco
Source: Weebly

The space holds everything from free snacks, drinks, a gym, game room, yoga every Tuesday, and each employee is entitled to two 30-minute massages each month.

Inside the game room, employees can relax or play video games. Instead of only connecting with colleagues in their smaller New York office over a standard video conference, Weebly had another idea in mind.

"The driving game actually connects to the same chair that we have in New York so we can actually play against each other," Veltri said.

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