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The S&P has tripled, but these 5 stocks are down 50%

The biggest losers since 2009
The biggest losers since 2009
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Tom Lee: Why stocks could soon surge
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Biggest earnings surprise this week?

The has tripled in value since bottoming in March of 2009. But not every stock has gone along for the ride. In fact, some names have moved spectacularly in the wrong direction.

Transocean, Diamond Offshore, CONSOL Energy, Southwestern Energy and First Solar have all lost more than half their stock value since 2009.

It's no surprise that the energy sector is well represented within this motley crew. That sector has plummeted over the past 16 months, as crude oil has suffered a historic tumble.

And according to one investment advisor, the only stock among these five that has a decent shot at rebounding is the one that isn't purely an energy name, First Solar.

"The concern is that energy has stayed so cheap, why would anyone switch over to solar panels," said Erin Gibbs, equity chief investment officer with S&P Investment Advisory Services. "But assuming that natural gas prices eventually go up, I think there is some potential for First Solar."

"At least on the cost basis and the materials side, because silver and silicon have been so much cheaper, it is becoming a lot cheaper to produce these solar panels," Gibbs pointed out.

Meanwhile, she sees little reason for optimism when it comes to the energy names — a call that Oppenheimer technical analyst Ari Wald agrees with.

"I'm rooting for them because I think the whole market can do well if they do, but I'm not betting there," Wald said Monday on "Trading Nation."

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