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Ask Jay Leno: Is my car worth more with yellow paint?

For value, should I paint my car to its original ugly color?

A 1953 Buick Super may not be the most valuable classic car in the world, but that didn't matter to Teddy Bodien.

When the Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Bodien bought his Super 56R a little more than two years ago, the original asking price was $10,000.

Since negotiating a deal for $7,500, Bodien has put about $3,000 and more than 100 hours worth of work into his ride, which he often hires out for photo shoots and weddings.

Despite the cash he's generated by renting out the classic car, Bodien is concerned about the color. It's black.

In 1953, it was actually a custard yellow, if you can picture that, and the top was green. Things were different back then.

Here, Bodien asks Jay Leno if, for the purpose of value, he should paint the car back to its original color.

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