You can now give someone the finger on your iPhone

Tara Moore | Taxi | Getty Images

iPhone users, rejoice! You can now express yourself even more through your Apple device with more than 150 new emojis.

The roll out of Apple's iOS 9.1 on Wednesday updated support for Live Photos, added new wallpapers and tweaked the shift key on the virtual keyboard, according to Mashable.

It also gave users the finger.

Although its not the first tech company to give consumers the bird — that honor goes to Microsoft — Apple's initial iOS 9 launch did not include the emoji.

And users noticed.

The new software update includes the middle finger emoji as well as the much anticipated taco, unicorn and Vulcan salute characters.

However, only users who with devices that have been updated to support Unicode 7 and Unicode 8 emoji will be able to see the new characters. Anyone who is running an older version will just see square boxes instead of the emoji.