ScriptRock Unveils Free Vulnerability Scanning

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF., Oct. 22, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ScriptRock, the leading solution for IT systems integrity monitoring, announced today the release of a comprehensive vulnerability scanning engine which comes baked into their flagship offering. With this release, organizations can now assess their susceptibility to the kind of data breaches and cyber attacks which cost companies billions of dollars in losses every year. Pairing vulnerability notifications and open content libraries with ScriptRock's configuration scanning engine was a natural evolution of the platform, according to ScriptRock cofounders Alan Sharp-Paul and Mike Baukes.

"Vulnerability assessment as a concept isn't new, but historically it could cost a lot both in money and time spent, and the reports generated were nearly incomprehensible. At ScriptRock our focus has always been on making important, yet complex, information easy to visualize, understand, and take action on. We now do this for vulnerability data as well", said Sharp-Paul. His co-CEO counterpart Mike Baukes added, "For large businesses, deploying ScriptRock throughout their environment to spot vulnerabilities makes a lot of sense. No matter what your size or stage of growth you are in, we offer up to 10 nodes for free forever, so getting started really is a no brainer. To amend an old saying, there are now three certainties in life; death, taxes and vulnerabilities. If you're not taking action to address this new world it's really only a matter of time before you become the next headline."

The new vulnerability scan debuts alongside a substantial upgrade of the existing Policies feature — one which has already changed how many enterprises do IT. Once created, a policy can continuously validate any given set of criteria to ensure that any server — or fleet of servers — remain in compliance. Should a compliance test fail, the team receives an alert and is given the option to delegate a remediation task. This ensures that critical configurations do not drift, and that misconfiguration errors never result in lost time or money.

Among several feature augmentations, one of the most powerful is the ability to run policies retroactively. Any policy a user defines in the present day can be run against the prior system state of any device enabled with ScriptRock at a previous time. Teams can now not only see where a specific configuration item first diverged, they can also check whether its server or cluster were ever in compliance in the first place.

ScriptRock's vulnerability scanner and improved policy engine are part of the company's standard offering and available for use by businesses and the general public at
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