Varonis Brings Frogmore Peace of Mind, Keeping Its Data Safe From Internal and External Threats

NEW YORK, Oct. 22, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Varonis Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:VRNS), the leading provider of software solutions for unstructured, human-generated enterprise data, today detailed how its broad portfolio of solutions is helping Frogmore's UK workforce secure their sensitive data while simultaneously making it easier for employees and business partners to collaborate.

Frogmore, one of the U.K.'s premier real estate companies focused on commercial real estate investments, had several data security requirements to meet, such as ensuring that important documents are kept private and cannot be copied by employees leaving the company, keeping track of who has access to what documents, preventing them from being lost, and making the data files searchable. Additionally, Frogmore needed to ensure all data was moved safely during a major server overhaul and also give employees sending large email attachments to investors a secure alternative to Dropbox.

  • Full Control with DatAdvantage: With numerous high-profile contacts, keeping client files secure when employees decide to leave the company was an important capability identified by Frogmore. With confidentiality integral to company operations, Frogmore deployed DatAdvantage, enabling them to monitor and baseline employees' access profiles and detect if any files had been copied or moved leading up to their departure.

According to Ben Lester, IT support engineer at Frogmore, "Varonis has definitely reduced the risk of data leaving the company. Now, when an employee announces he or she is leaving, we can monitor their file-downloading activity and also find out if they downloaded any files to a USB."

  • Accessing and Moving Sensitive Files: An organization like Frogmore has terabytes of data, much of which is comprised of files that are considered sensitive. Finding these files, figuring out who has access to them, and moving them around isn't easy. By utilizing the Varonis Data Classification Framework, Frogmore now understands how sensitive data is being used, including who has access to it. With the Varonis Data Transport Engine, Frogmore is able to move critical data with peace of mind from domain to domain and track movements while ensuring no classified data is moved without management's permission.
  • DatAnswers – A Secure and Easy Search Engine: DatAnswers delivers relevant search results to only Frogmore employees who should have access to them. DatAnswers uses metadata to understand relationships between Frogmore's people and data, profiles access activity and behavior, predicts where permissions are incorrect, and delivers a better experience through highly relevant search results, protection of sensitive content and efficient indexing.
  • DatAnywhere – Collaboration Made Easy: As collaborating with third parties using large files is an integral part of Frogmore's day-to-day activities, the company required a secure, reliable solution that made these transfers easy and traceable. After considering other companies, Frogmore chose Varonis DatAnywhere as it was simple to use and preserved control over shared files. Lester added, "The quickness and ease of DatAnywhere has helped improve productivity because we're able to send files to clients much faster."

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