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Press Releases Shares the Benefits in SEO Services With Social Media

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Los Angeles, CA, Oct. 22, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- announces a new solution to online reputation managment using SEO techniques. Google is constantly producing algorithms that generate the most "organic" content, which is great because essentially Google is weeding out much of the garbage for its users. There are many factors that Google reviews before generating websites as top results. With such expansive markets for social media and networking, Google relies on content and authority for its generation. The boundaries for organic content become blurry when less than reputable results are generated, like Rip Off Report for example.

"It's unfortunate that manipulative, social forums like Rip Off Report exists, but it's the world of social media that we live in," says Jeffrey Essebag, owner of "If a business is targeted on Rip Off Report, the business owner should seek SEO services immediately in order to tackle the relationship between Rip Off Report and Google."

Yurz, Incorporated is an advertising firm that specializes in SEO services and digital marketing review management. For anyone that has fallen victim of Rip Off Report, or other manipulative review forums, can find relief in effective SEO services. It is a way to fight back with positive exposure. SEO services are also beneficial for generating newsworthy press for business owners.

"It is a mystery to the average Google user as to how content is generated. Occasionally, Google releases general information about their search engine generation processes," Essebag explains. "Google favors organic content on the one hand, but seems to be preferential to websites that provide less than reputable information and manipulative terms and conditions on the other."

It is completely understandable that people want to be heard when shedding light on a negative experience they had with a particular business. In many ways, it is a helpful marketing tool for consumers looking for a positive experience. When users are generating law suits over false accusations aired on the first page of Google, it is safe to say that Ripoff Report is generating lunacy and consumer debauchery tools rather than a reciprocal, consumer social forum.

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