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McDonald's much-maligned Modern China burger finds fans

Grey McDonalds burger finds fans
Grey McDonalds burger finds fans

It's been called "the burger that horrified the internet," but McDonald's says its limited edition Modern China burger, complete with grey buns, is selling just fine.

In a region where brightly colored fast food burger buns are commonplace - KFC China launched a pink bun in August, while Burger King Japan has done black, and orange, green and yellow can be found at many regular burger joints - the Modern China burger has attracted attention for what commentators described as its particularly unappetizing hue.

Kinder reviewers dubbed the bun "silver," others called it "industrial" and granite-like, while Time Out Beijing likened it to the clouds of pollution that often hang over the Chinese capital and news site called it "horrifying."

Time magazine, meanwhile, chronicled the online reaction in a story describing "the new grey burger that horrifies the internet."

(In fairness, Time Out Beijing's reviewers also wrote that they loved the burger's Sichuan pepper ketchup and decided overall that the Modern China burger was "surprisingly palatable.")

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Despite the unflattering commentary from netizens, McDonald's China told CNBC that consumers liked the taste of the bun.

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"We are selling within our target expectations," a McDonald's China spokeswoman said, adding that black sesame seeds gave the bun its "grey tinge."

For those game for a try, The Modern China burger will would be sold across China until November 3 for 19 renminbi ($2.99).

The burger features steam buns, known as man tou, encasing two pieces of pork in Sichuan Chinese green pepper sauces, bacon and lettuce. Other items on the Modern China menu include Fish Tofu Nuggets and Jasmine Green Tea Dessert.