'The Shining' hotel plans to build $24M horror museum

Jack Nicholson peering through the axed-in door in the film "The Shining," 1980.
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The hotel that inspired Stephen King's "The Shining" is doubling down on the business of scary. The Stanley Hotel revealed last week that it plans to build a horror-themed museum, film archive and film production studio on site in Colorado.

The project, which will be called the Stanley Film Center, will operate as a nonprofit. The $24 million project is slated for a 43,000 square-foot facility. It was not immediately clear how the financing will work for the museum, but it did apply for an $11.5 million credit through the Colorado's Regional Tourism Act to "close a project funding gap."

Several big names in Hollywood want to make the project happen. Elijah Wood, Simon Pegg and George A. Romero are just a few of the celebrities on the founding board.

"I would love to have a home for which we could constantly come year-round and celebrate with other fans from around the world," Elijah Wood said, in a statement. "There's really no better place for there to be a permanent home for the celebration of horror as an art form than the Stanley Hotel."

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The facility will have a 500-seat auditorium, an interactive museum and will feature rotating exhibits. So far, the center has had exhibit commitments from Charlie Adlard, the creator of "The Walking Dead;" Clive Barker, director and producer of films like "Hellraiser;" and seven-time Academy Award winner Rick Baker, who worked on films like "Star Wars," "An American Werewolf in London" and "The Ring."

The Stanley Film Center is also slated to have a sound stage, classrooms, workshop spaces and a post-production and editing suites. The center will partner with the Colorado Film School to create an integrated educational platform for students and the public.

"Students and faculty will work side by side with some of the biggest industry names to design exhibits, curate films, program events and lead workshops and masterclasses," said Frederic Lahey, founding director of the Colorado Film School, in a statement.

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