Cathay Pacific considers cramming more seats into economy

File photo of a Cathay Pacific jet on the tarmac in Hong Kong.
Philippe Lopez | AFP | Getty Images

Cathay Pacific Airways is considering cramming more people into is economy-class flights out of Hong Kong, according to a report in the South China Morning Post.

Hong Kong's biggest airline is planning to fit narrower seats into economy class on its Boeing 777 fleet, a move that add up to 17 seats to a flight. In return, passengers could be offered cheaper airfares or better food, free Wi-Fi or enhanced in-flight entertainment.

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Cathay Pacific told the South China Morning Post that the airline periodically conducted research "to understand the trend and development of the airline industry and passengers' ever changing needs and preferences."

Cathay currently configures its economy-class cabin with a 32 inch seat pitch and 18.5 inches of width. In comparison, China Airlines' seats, for example, are 17 inches wide.

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