City of Commerce Honors Local Veterinarian Dr. Juan Casillas of Casillas Veterinary Hospitals

MONTEBELLO, Calif., Oct. 25, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The City of Commerce, California, honored local veterinarian Juan Casillas of Casillas Veterinary Hospitals for his excellent care of animals and generosity to the community. The commendation, issued by the City Council of the City of Commerce, recognizes Dr. Casillas for his dedication, professionalism and generosity.

Dr. Juan Casillas has been practicing veterinary medicine since 1969. Today, he operates three animal hospitals accessible to the residents of Commerce., For the past three decades, Dr. Casillas has offered a yearly rabies clinic at the Casillas Veterinary Hospitals. During this time, he has volunteered his time and administered over 10,000 rabies vaccinations. In addition, Dr. Casillas has aided the people of Commerce by offering high-quality low-cost treatment options and financial assistance to those who require it. He has partnered with the local animal control facilities to provide care for numerous injured and homeless animals.

"I am deeply honored by the City Council's commendation," said Dr. Casillas. "My primary goal as a veterinarian has always been to be the best member of the community possible. I have a deep love for the city of Commerce and the animals that live here. I have received much from the community and am happy to be able to provide the conscientious care that we do every day at Casillas Veterinary Hospitals."

Dr. Juan Casillas moved to Montebello in 1971 after graduating with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Tuskegee University. He opened Montebello Animal Hospital, specializing in the care of small domestic animals such as dogs and cats and exotic pets such as rare birds, monkeys and snakes. Though some veterinarians turn away clients with exotic pets, believing they are too difficult to diagnose and treat, Dr. Casillas welcomes these animals in his clinic and believes every pet is entitled to top-notch medical care.

Dr. Casillas strongly recommends that people spay or neuter their pets in order to control the stray animal population, prevent certain animal cancers and halt reproduction-related behavior problems. According to Dr. Casillas, "So many animals are euthanized every year because they do not have a home, which is heartbreaking. Spaying and neutering our pets is a step toward lowering the number of animals that are euthanized in our animal shelters each year. Providing this service is one way that I contribute to the betterment of my community."

Dr. Casillas has served on the Los Angeles Zoo Board and is currently a member of the California Veterinary Medical Association and the Southern California Veterinary Association.

Casillas Veterinary Hospitals serve the community from their locations in Montebello, Commerce, and Lynwood, California. To make an appointment for vaccinations or spay and neuter services, contact them at 323-726-1525.

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Source: Casillas Veterinary Hospitals